Optimized Website Design

Make Your Website User and Search Engine Friendly

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What is an optimized website design?

  1. An optimized website design is easy for search engines to read as well as being easy for users to navigate.
  2. The design is built and optimized to load fast and function smoothly.
  3. The design is optimized for the type of user you want to attract, their intent, and their mindset when visiting your website and content.
  4. Well-structured content and mapping help SERPs and users understand your website with the least amount of effort.
  5. Must be optimized for mobile devices (phones, tablets, and now watches for certain types of businesses) in UX and technical performance.
  6. Follow the “less than three clicks” rule; how many clicks it takes a user to get to the content for which they’re looking.
  7. No broken links! That means internal links and external links.
  8. Minimal redirects. Ideally, you have zero internal redirects.
  9. Function over flashy or unnecessary visual effects.
  10. Keep the internal/backend design-build optimized and condensed.
  11. Core web vitals meet or exceed algorithm expectations (like Google and Bing).
  12. Most importantly, user intent; the website delivers what your visitors expect and more.


The website design and overall look shouldn’t be approached as a one size fits all template. The technical aspects of performance requirements are standard, but not design. Your website needs to represent your business style and brand voice as well as the user’s expectations. In other words, an optimized website design means your site is dressed for the occasion. Does your website show up mismatched for your audience and brand style or does it show up strong and well suited for the event you want to take place?

We create the right design to represent your brand, style, and voice that appeals to your users, clients, and potential clients while keeping up with the requirements of search engines’ ever-changing rules.


A Website Remodel or a Whole New Website



Website design trends change constantly. As you can see, the above website has gone through some design changes over the years (and is scheduled for a new remodel). Expect to update your website at least every 3-4 years to keep your website from looking outdated.

If you don’t want to go through the major expense of a complete redo, hire someone (like us) who will create a website that is easier to remodel and update than traditional website design practices. We use what’s called “Growth-Driven Design” and make continual updates and design changes easier and less expensive than a one-and-done theme or template that forces costly layout and design changes.

Your website needs to adjust as your products, services, user base, trends, technology, and socioeconomics change. Think of how the COVID pandemic changed the world and business practices. You need a website to be as agile as your business practices, customer expectations, and data analytics dictate. You can’t wait for a long-drawn-out process, you need quick and cost-effective changes.

We can help you remodel and restructure your current website or we can create a whole new website look and feel to better match the online presence you want to project. If you have a web company or team you already have and want to keep, we will work with them to make the changes your site needs to bring you the clients you want. We’ll audit your current site then create a report and strategy to work with your team.

If your site is old, outdated, doesn’t represent your brand voice, and is an overall mess, we will create a custom website theme and structure to best optimize your website for user experience, brand voice, and algorithm requirements to have your site bringing you the clients you want.


Make it Easy for Algorithms to Do Their Job

  • We understand what search engines want and how to deliver. We optimize your website design and mapping with the mindset behind the algorithm structures and requirements.
  • Algorithms are a business and they have customers. If you make their job easy by delivering what their customers want, you will be rewarded by a higher ranking for your efforts.
  • We make sure the algorithms understand your site, services, area of expertise, and the value in delivering your website pages and content to their customers.


We Deliver Optimized Website Design for Consultants and SMBs

We understand the consulting business and what it takes to stand out in your industry. Consulting is a highly competitive environment with a lot of content noise. Having an optimized website design enables you to attract the right clients for your style and niche of consulting. The optimization process clarifies your style and voice for both potential clients and search engines to deliver the clients who will value your services the most. Consultants are best when they have the best clients for them and vice versa. You don’t want to attract just any clients, you want your ideal clients.


Have Potential Clients Lose Themselves in Your Content, Not in Looking for What They Need

When a potential client comes directly to your website looking for something, we make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for while making it easy for them to dive deeper into your content.

Consultants need to optimize their website design to entice potential clients to keep learning about how you approach their problems by placing related content within easy reach. Like product placement in a grocery store is strategic, so must be your site’s content. Some call it “the buyer’s journey” but for services like consulting, this can be a little tricky.

We help you optimize your site design for your ideal preferred clients and what they need to know from you and about you in order to schedule an appointment with you.


Your Next Step to an Optimized Website Design for Your Consulting Business

Fill out our brief Website Optimization Questionnaire to gain a more focused idea of your needs. The questionnaire helps with a more focused initial consultation and helps you gain more clarity around your website design optimization needs.

We look forward to optimizing your website design to boost your online presence and client acquisition.