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Why Does This Website Not Practice What I Preach?

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It might not seem that we practice what I preach, but we really do. My philosophy for my businesses and my clients’ businesses is to do what is right for your conscience, values, clients, and their clients. I’ve learned the hard way, that helping just anyone is hurting everyone.

You won’t see us casting a wide net and trying to be #1 on Google. Why? It’s simple:

  • We don’t work with just anyone and everyone.
  • We don’t want to dominate the marketplace for the masses.
  • We simply want to work with people we have vetted and believe have the best interest of their customer, client, or audience at heart.
  • We work with businesses that we think will get at least triple the ROI from our services.
  • What we put into our proposals to get the numbers right is much too costly to fulfill RFPs for tire kickers, competitors, and people who just want to hear a fairytale of promises.
  • We refuse to “sell” motivation, hope, and confidence without delivering competence and results.
  • The searches for the things we do are so oversaturated with content and noise, that constantly trying to create content isn’t the best use of our time, efforts, and energy. We know how to show up without being a content machine (hint: you can too).


I believe doing well by doing good means saying no to just any means of income.

So, while we don’t do everything we (often) recommend and do for many of our clients, we do what works for our business and our clients’ businesses. There are no cookie-cutter solutions to success.



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